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News release by the Constitutional Assembly Secretariat, 25th July 2018

Erroneous reports have been circulating that the draft of a new Constitution has been prepared. The mandate for preparation of a Draft Constitutional Proposal lies with the Steering Committee of the Constitutional Assembly and no such Draft Constitutional proposal has yet been prepared by the Steering Committee.
A ten member Panel of Experts was appointed by the Constitutional Assembly in May 2016. The panel includes professors, academics, lawyers and experts from varied fields such as engineering, social sciences etc. The Experts were appointed according to nominations received from different political parties at the Steering Committee.
The main task of this panel is to provide technical and legal assistance to the Committees of the Constitutional Assembly and includes the preparation of documents to put before the Steering Committee for their consideration. When the Steering Committee met on 24th May 2018, the Panel was directed to prepare a document which will form the basis for the final round of discussions of the Steering Committee.
This document was to draw on the content of the Interim Report which was released by the Steering Committee in September 2017, the reports of the Subcommittees on Fundamental Rights, Judiciary, Finance, Public service, Centre-Periphery relations and Law and Order, and also various political party positions.
The Interim report and Subcommittee reports are in the public domain and can be downloaded from the Constitutional Assembly website (http://www.constitutionalassembly.lk)
However, at the last Steering Committee meeting held on 18th July 2018, two documents were put forward by the Panel of Experts and the Committee advised that the Experts should discuss the contents of the documents, and areas in which they differ, and that a single document with the agreement of all the experts should be prepared within the next two weeks.
Once the date for the next Steering Committee meeting has been fixed the date will be posted on the Constitutional Assembly social media. Follow the Constitutional Assembly on Twitter (https://twitter.com/constassemblysl) for updates.

Click here to watch the interview given by the Additional Secretary to the Constitutional Assembly and aired on ITN news (on 19th July 2018), clarifying the situation.